Club Fitting



We provide number one service in order to get the customer fit to clubs that are perfect for them and their body.  Fitted clubs help out any golfer whether you are scratch or a 20 handicap. At the golf shop let Jim give you the tour of the shop talk about your game an help you in the right direction for a proper fit! Club fitting always starts with someone you trust with the knowledge of fitting skills and  tools to work with. Jim is a PCS club fitter since 1992 of Louiville golf Proffesional clubbuider,fitter socieity.

Awarded Clubfitter of the year threw PING in 1992. Attend PGA merhandise show for the last 18 years. Always with the most updating Mitchel steel club angle machine for loft and lie adjustments,ping-n-flight for checking club head speed,launch angles,spin rates,and much more. Don't just buy clubs off the rack let Jim fit you! Like one guy said do we all wear the same size suit? No so why should we play with the same specs. in clubs.  GET FIT GOLFSHOP TODAY!!!!